The Bridgeland Pollinator Project

We care about native bees 

The Bridgeland Pollinator Project is an on-going quest for information about pollinator-plant relationships in Bridgeland YYC.
Contact info@mobhoney to access the survey.
Want to help?
Fill out the form if you’re from Bridgeland or share this link with friends, partners, neighbours, newsletters, connections, businesses and schools who might be able to contribute.
With the Bridgeland Pollinator Program survey, we want to gain information of what people are growing and the relationship those plants have with bees.
Through the survey, residence can choose to partake in citizen science by letting us pan trap native species from their gardens. Specimens will be identified.
Efforts to create a biodiverse habitat, stoke curiosity for nature in our community, reduce pesticide use, and encourage pollen and nectar-rich resources within our community are contributions towards the larger plan to grow a sustainable future for us all!

A little more info...

Pollinator stewardship is an opportunity to connect our local community with nature! Our mission is to educate people about the importance of pollinators and encourage urban garden growth with native plants and seed mixes.
What does pollinator stewardship mean?
- To take Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB)
- Create pollinator habitat with native plants 
- Integrate green habitat into urban design
- Encourage pesticide reduction
- Be a pollinator ambassador, mentor, leader, and instigator
Here are some great links to understand pollinators and their habitat needs:
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