CMLC - EV Beehive Sponsorship

CMLC - EV Beehive Sponsorship

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$350 Apiary management 

Provide 5-10 hives at the apiary, at the discretion of MOB and within City of Calgary bylaws for private property. Hives to be registered with the province, owned by MOB
Adequate insurance for the bee hives in case of lose or public harm, with Calgary Municipal Land Corporation named as additional insured
Beehive equipment installation
Bee packages installed
Care and maintenance of each hive to sustain a healthy apiary by MOB staff
Bees moved at end of season

$1600 Programming - Monthly hive tour, 2 tours per day with 15 people per tour, total 8 tours

June, July, August, September, exact dates TBD
90 minute promoted length of tour
- Actual length ~2 hours anticipating Q&A following the tour
Focus topic to be selected and promoted in advance by MOB, with the support of CMLC


$650 Honey - 3.5 oz jar x 150 - 6 oz jar x 50 

Purchased and delivered at the start of the season. Honey to be wrapped in custom East Village labels, creative designed by CMLC (at CMLC expense), printed by MOB (at MOB expense).

3.5 oz jar, 150 x $3 = $450
o To be given away (free) at CMLC’s discretion
6 oz jar, 50 x $4 = $200
o To be sold at the East Village Experience Centre, $10 per jar (consistent with MOB pricing)