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CSA Honey


Sign up for your Honey CSA!

The offer: $200 value. 4 pickup/delivery dates throughout the year.

Soon after your purchase, we will reach out to disclose the details.

The honey:

Each CSA will typically have 1 large 750g honey and 3 150g blends or 5 150g blends

This bag is “beekeepers choice” so stay curious! Of course, our famous Fermented Black Garlic Honey will substitute a blend in one of the months.

Contact us if you’re curious or purchase the CSA today for your honey adventure!

Previous bags have included blends like applewood smoked, truffle, lavender, ginger, cinnamon and spicy. 

We also include a floral lilac infusion in July as well as a dandelion honey foraged by urban bees.

Late season bags include fragrant liquid honey fresh from the extractor as well as other blend varieties.

Have a look at the photos in this product to get an idea of what is included.