Wedding Favours

Give your guests the sweetest gift. 

  • Customized jars and motif
  • Tell your story 
  • Receive wholesale prices
  • Support me, your local beekeeper!

MOB Honeybees forage on wildflowers in the Calgary area. Forage primarily consists of sweet clover, alfalfa and dandelion.

We have 3 sizes for memorable gifts. 
  • 4 oz $5
  • 6 oz $6
  • 8 oz $8

The administration fee is $75 for unlimited drafts for your custom jar.

You can choose to fill your jars a few different ways. 

Your guests can have regular wild raw honey or our famous honey blends or mix it up with both!

Honey blends come in a variety of flavours that will blow your friends and family away! Add $1 to every blended jar.

Contact Amber for the wholesale price list.

Check out your options in our collections page. 

Standard honey gift: 6 oz jar filled with MOB Wild Raw Honey.

Popular honey blends include:                                     Lavender, Cinnamon, Ginger.

Unique honey blends include:                                   Applewood Smoked, Spicy, Truffle.

Colourful honey blends include:                                  Beetroot, Charcoal, Turmeric.