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Kid Beehive Tour


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Spend 1-2 hours learning about honeybee behaviour! They are the worlds greatest superorganism with many fascinating characteristics;

The waggle dance, pheromone communication, festooning, buzzing vibrations, altruism, wax construction, honey and pollen synthesis, hygienic behaviour, navigation patterns and signals.

Come explore honey bees with MOB out at our Lazy  Lilac Acres apiary just 10 minutes NE of Bassano.

Bring snacks, plenty of water and remember your protective wear! Here’s a checklist of items not to forget.

  • Long Pants
  • Gardening Gloves (not mandatory)
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Boots
  • Long Socks (for tuck’n pants)
  • Camera
  • Family & Friends
  • Big Smiles!
$10 per child

Book your adult tour here. No need to book your child in.

Tours run from June-September and are limited due to time restrictions. Amber has no employees and has to balance education (bee tours) with colony health (apiary inspections). If none of these dates suit your schedule, contact Amber and request a private tour - please keep in mind, private tour prices may vary depending on schedule and resources.