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Wholesale enquiries

Want honey products in your store? Are you buying in bulk? Need unique advertising for your customers? Throwing a party and need unique honey blends for your charcuterie? Need wedding favours?

Drop a line below and ask about our product list and wholesale prices. 

Beehive Sponsorship 

Are you interested in Sponsorship? Let’s collaborate! 

Hive Tours

Let us know if your interested in a small group hive tour! Tours are $35 per person. Great for groups of 6-10.


Come say hi to the queen bee herself. We’re always happy to meet new MOB members. 1002 2nd ave NE Calgary AB. Just text before coming to make sure I’m home. 587-435-1854.


Free on Wednesdays and on orders over $80. If Wednesday doesn’t suit you schedule, a $10 delivery fee will be added to orders under $80.