About Us

Here at MOB Honey we reckon each honey experience should evoke the senses.

We believe in ethical beekeeping and honest harvesting.

We encourage the preservation of natural habitat. 

We encourage play, creativity, a heartful lifestyle and sustainable living.

Our bees forage just east of the Rocky Mountains in western Alberta plains, praries, rolling grassland, and from diverse cropland around the Calgary area.

At harvest, we perform small batch extraction, frame by frame at each hives location.

In our WILD RAW HONEY, you’ll taste a mix of clover, alfalfa, canola, aster and raspberry.

SMALL BATCH BLENDS are whipped and dipped into splendid little blends.

Each bottle is filled, packaged, and delivered with a loving hand. 


We do not ship Mob honey outside of Calgary Alberta because we believe in reducing our global footprint and engaging in sustainable consumption. We encourage you to support your local beekeeper.

Pickup & Bring a Tote!

Contact us to arrange a pickup time with the queen bee herself. 1002 2nd ave NE Calgary AB


Free delivery on orders over $40

There is a $10 delivery charge for every order under $40.

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