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One Minute With Amber

My name is Amber Yano and I own MOB Honey. I farm because I love bees. I started a beekeeping business because I want to enrich our local food system with ethically produced, healthy food.

I’ve been perfecting the art of beekeeping since 2012 and in 2018 started My Own Business (MOB). After years working towards the dream of owning my own farm, that goal was actualized in December 2021. I call the property, Lazy Lilac Acres.

There has been no greater joy than putting all my energy into a food web system that gives back to nature by simply re-building soil through adding mulch, green manure, cover crop, compost and no-dig spaces for growing food without the use of any synthetic fertilizer or pesticide. The bees are much happier out here. 

We partner with businesses who share the same joy for ethically produced food and great taste. Our honey is raw, unpasteurized, complex, fluffy and Albertan.


Here at MOB Honey we reckon each honey experience should evoke the senses.

We believe in ethical beekeeping and honest harvesting. The most valuable component to our honey is that we raise our own bees using organic techniques that mimic what bees do in nature to manage the pests within the hive. We do not use synthetic chemicals to treat for varroa mite.

We practice preservation of natural habitat for all pollinators.

We encourage play, creativity, a heartful lifestyle and sustainable living.

Our bees forage just east of Calgary in western Alberta plains, prairies, rolling grassland and from diverse cropland around the Bassano area.

Lazy Lilac Acres

Our farm is located 1 hour and 20 minutes east of Calgary, closest to Bassano Alberta. We manage agriculturally productive ecosystems with no-dig annual gardens and perennial food forests. Our pasture raised bees and chickens forage on a diverse mix of chemical free foliage. Come for a hive tour and see the transformation from plain prairie to a green and lush biodiverse landscape. We will show you the ways in which we are re-building the soil.

In our WILD RAW HONEY, you’ll taste a mix of clover, alfalfa, canola, aster and dandelion. SMALL BATCH BLENDS are whipped and dipped into splendid little organic blends.

Each bottle is filled, packaged, and delivered with a loving hand.


We use Canada Post. If ordering outside of Calgary, choose the expedited option and a shipping price will automatically calculate your fee.

Pickup & Bring a Tote!

Contact us to arrange a pick up time from either Haysboro or Bassano.


$4 Deliveries are on either Tuesday or Wednesday. If orders are placed on a Wednesday they will be added to the following week. 

Now serving Brooks, Bassano, Strathmore and Chestermere for $4 deliveries.

To customize your order, contact