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Contact Amber to remove your honey bee swarm.
Cellphone: 587-435-1854

Swarms will occur between May - July.


At first it will look as if it’s raining bees with thousands flying in a big and scattered swarm above your yard. Within an hour you’ll see them cluster into a ball or droopy pile of bees the size of a backpack.

As soon as you see the swarm, call me!

If you see a cluster of bees hanging on a branch, parked car or bench, they won’t stay there for long. Swarms will cluster momentarily and then takeoff when scout bees find the right home.

Scout Bees: are looking for the prefect home. The right home for a swarm will be a 40-60 litre enclosed cavity with about a 1-2" diameter entrance. They prefer to be 8-10’ above ground, typically in tree hollows but in most instances inner city swarms will occupy vacant walls of decrepit buildings.

In most instances: the bees are nice but sometimes they do get defensive so be weary not to get too close. Bring your pets and children inside.

Why bees swarm: When a honey bee colony is getting too big for their hive structure, half the colony will leave with the old queen. The bees suck up half of the honey from the parent colony, carrying it in their honey stomachs so they can build wax comb in the new location.

Amber removes honey bee colonies for free but she wouldn’t say no to a sandwich or a cold beverage. We do not remove bumblebees.