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5 Day Hive Mentorship


With 10+ years of beekeeping experience we offer only the best hands-on support for budding beekeepers and those seeking an outsiders view into your beekeeping practice.

What to expect

  • Receive 5 days with a professional beekeeper helping you manage your bees 
  • Learn how to take bee samples to send them for disease diagnosis (if applicable)
  • Take better notes that will help you stay on track with each hive
  • Create a management schedule based on hive growth and seasonal daylight 
  • Gain confidence with bees
  • Expand your knowledge in practical beekeeping
  • Learn techniques to help sustain a perennial hive
  • Advance your pest management 
  • Build skills that will help you maintain a sustainable apiary

This mentorship program is recommended for those with at least the level-1 beekeeping course from either ABC Bees or Sait or two years managing their hive.

This on-going season session goes beyond the basics of a hive tour. The program is management focused and actions are dependent on time of year.

Are you still nervous around your bees? Let our experienced apiarists guide you through another season in your beekeeping journey.

A travel fee of $0.50 per km will be added depending on your location.