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8oz Compostable Honey Pot


This is our MOB Honey earth conscious honey pot with packaging sourced locally from Earth Distributors.

With a better value than our 8oz glass jar. Now that’s incentive!

We searched high and low for a compostable honey pot option. These 8oz bowls are outlined with built-in labeling, indicating a petroleum free Bio-lining made from plants.

From top to bottom, this container can go strait into your composting bin. Just be sure to remove the sticker on top of the lid and place it in the waste bin. I know, we’re working on getting plant-based adhesive for this particular honey pot. There are 2 ventilation holes on the top of the lid. The sticker will prevent honey leakage.

It took 6 months to get to this point, being tossed around by competitive distributors but finally found a solution with Earth Distributors. This product will evolve and perhaps be replaced by something a bit fancier, but for now, this lil’ cuttie will get the job done!

The honey in this pot is wild, raw and fluffy.

$1 from every jar will go to a charity of our choice (TBD).