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Beekeeping Labour (1 hour)


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You’ve reached the point to where you feel confident in your hives but just need some extra help building, scraping, fixing frames and supers, moving bees or any other equipment related labour. Beekeeping and honeybee management is not included in this product.

Hire a beekeeping labourer for an hour or more to help you get your jobs done in the shoulder seasons. 

What to expect

  • Receive help from the beekeepers farmhand
  • Get your projects finished by a trusted apiary labourer so you can focus on the fun stuff
  • Don’t expect help inside the hives. This is for equipment labour with exceptions for moving hives 

Consider the length of the project and add any additional hours to your cart that you think you will need.  

A travel fee of $0.50 per km will be added depending on your location.