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Alberta beeswax harvested and minimally filtered from our Bassano and Calgary beehives.

 How do we get the wax? From our honey harvest, we scrape the wax cappings, spin off the honey and at the end of every harvest season we render the wax cappings that hold the honey in place and render wax from broken frames. 

Rendering consists of melting wax and water together then straining through mesh and cotton to catch the “slumgum”. As the two liquids pour through the filter and into a separate pail, overnight as the two cool, wax will float above the water and by morning we can pop off perfectly round disks of golden wax.

The next step is to melt wax discs without water then pour them into their moulds.

These moulds are made for you, to inspire creativity and to be used in your own DIY projects such as salves, lotions, lip balms, candles and woodworking and skateboarding waxes.

Top recipes for healing salves may include herbs like sage, or mint, comfrey, ginger and oils like coconut, almond or sunflower. The recipes are simple, the ingredients are deluxe and the finished product will be outstanding!

Each mould is shaped like an insect and sold individually. You will receive either a bee, dragonfly, ladybug or butterfly - beekeepers choice :) Each unit is $10

Unlike many commercial and out of Provence beekeepers, we do not use synthetic chemicals in our beehives to hide the symptoms of certain bee diseases. Our wax is pure, ethical and honest.



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