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750 g Liquid Wild Raw Honey


This Alberta, raw honey is the best! Served in liquid form, MOB honey bees are wild for dandelion, clover and alfalfa. Their bounty is bright and bold with a floral body and notes of vanilla. This honey will mix you into your favourite soundtrack of summer.

The only difference between our white fluffy honey to liquid honey is the texture. To achieve liquid honey, we submerge our pails in a warm bath of water no hotter than 35°C. This mild temperature breaks up the crystals in our raw honey but will always, eventually crystallize once in the jar. Crystallization is a great way to tell if Alberta honey is raw or not. Please note; pasteurization in honey is higher than 60°C. Pasteurization turns honey dark in colour.

Our white fluffy honey uses zero heat in the process. One might say that white honey is ultra-unpasteurized due to the lack of heat involved. We simply whip the honey to prevent hard crystals from forming. 

No sugar added, just pure honey magic.

Store at room temp. Do not refrigerate or microwave. Submerge jar in warm water to liquify. This honey is raw and will crystallize.

Ingredients: wild raw honey.

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